Activities in the Serra de Tramuntana

Welcome to Vima Rent a Car, your car rental company in Mallorca specialized in providing the best travel experience to our customers. If you are planning a trip to the beautiful island of Mallorca, we recommend visiting the impressive Serra de Tramuntana.

Discover the majesty of this mountain range, its captivating landscapes, and charming villages during your stay on the island. By renting a car with Vima Rent a Car, you will enjoy the freedom to explore the Serra de Tramuntana at your own pace and without restrictions.

The Serra de Tramuntana, stretching along the entire west coast of Mallorca, offers breathtaking panoramic views thanks to its peaks reaching over 1000 meters in height. Immerse yourself in its rich history and culture, dating back to the Talayotic and Roman era, by exploring the numerous monuments and ruins you will find along the way.

In addition to its stunning landscapes, the Serra de Tramuntana is famous for its beaches and coves. Don’t miss the dazzling Cala Deiá, with its golden sand and crystal-clear waters, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the sun. Here is the link to Cala Deiá on Google Maps. Or explore the charming and peaceful Cala Tuent, offering breathtaking views of the mountains and the sea. Here is the link to Cala Tuent on Google Maps. Both beaches are easily accessible by car and are ideal for a relaxing day.

The picturesque villages of the Serra de Tramuntana are also worth a visit. Deiá, with its narrow, cobbled streets, art shops, and cozy restaurants, will captivate you with its mountain charm. Valldemossa, on the other hand, will surprise you with its beautiful square and impressive monastery. Don’t forget to visit the famous Chopin’s house-museum, where the renowned composer spent a winter during his stay on the island. Here is the link to Deiá on Google Maps. Here is the link to Valldemossa on Google Maps. Both villages are easily accessible by car and offer an authentic experience of Mallorcan culture.

If you prefer hiking or walking, the Serra de Tramuntana is a paradise for nature lovers. With numerous trails and paths, you can immerse yourself in the natural landscapes and enjoy breathtaking views at every step. Additionally, during your hike, you will have the opportunity to discover some of the island’s most emblematic villages, such as Sóller, a charming village nestled in a valley surrounded by mountains and featuring an ancient train station. Here is the link to Sóller on Google Maps.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the impressive Serra de Tramuntana during your visit to Mallorca. Renting a car with Vima Rent a Car will provide you with the freedom to discover the magnificent landscapes, beautiful beaches, and charming villages of the area. Reserve today and enjoy an unforgettable experience in Mallorca. We are excited to welcome you to Vima Rent a Car!

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