The castles of Mallorca

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Mallorca is an island rich in history and culture, and its castles and fortifications are a testament to this. From the medieval period to the present day, these historical monuments have witnessed the evolution of the island and have been restored for visitors to enjoy their beauty and learn about their history.

One of the most impressive castles in Mallorca is the Bellver Castle, located in the city of Palma. This unique circular castle in Europe is a true treasure of the island and a must-visit for those interested in history and architecture. With its circular shape and domes, Bellver Castle is a particularly attractive place for those who want to discover something different. Today, the castle houses a museum that offers a unique and interactive experience about the history of the island.

Another popular castle in Mallorca is the Alaró Castle, located on the mountain of Alaró. From here, visitors can enjoy stunning views of the island and explore the fortifications and ruins. Additionally, the castle is an ideal place for hiking and enjoying nature. With its fortifications, ramps, and panoramic views, Alaró Castle is a must-see on your list of things to do in Mallorca.

If you prefer something more relaxed, the Capdepera Castle is a perfect place to relax and admire the view. With its fortifications and beautiful landscape, this castle is a peaceful oasis in the middle of the island. In addition, from here you can enjoy impressive panoramic views of the Mallorca coast.

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