Best spots in Mallorca

Discover the best photo spots in Mallorca. If you’re looking for the most impressive places to capture the magic of this beautiful island in a photograph, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll guide you through some of the best photographic spots in Mallorca, and also show you how VIMA Rent a … Read more

Shopping guide to Mallorca


At VIMA Rent a Car, we believe that a journey is much more than simply moving from one place to another. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, discover hidden treasures, and create lasting memories. One excellent way to achieve this is through shopping—an activity that allows you to take a piece … Read more

Discover the Beauty of Cabrera with Vima Rent a Car

Imagine a hidden gem in the heart of the Mediterranean, a true natural and cultural paradise that few people have had the privilege to discover. At Vima Rent a Car, we are excited about the opportunity to take you on a unique adventure in this hidden gem: the Island of Cabrera. With crystal-clear waters caressing … Read more

Convertible car rental in Mallorca

When it comes to experiencing Mallorca at its best, convertible car rental in Mallorca are the ideal choice. At VIMA Rent a Car, we understand that you want to combine elegance and enjoyment of the island in its entirety, and our convertible hire cars in Mallorca allow you to do so in style and comfort. … Read more

SUV and off-road car rental in Mallorca

When it comes to exploring Mallorca in all its beauty and diversity, there is no better option than renting an SUV or off-road vehicle. At VIMA Rent a Car, we offer you a wide selection of SUV and off-road cars that will allow you to reach the most remote corners of the island and enjoy … Read more

Compact car rental in Mallorca

Compact car rental in Mallorca has become the preferred choice for travellers who wish to tour the island comfortably and efficiently. At VIMA Rent a Car, we understand the importance of offering a wide selection of compact cars that suit the needs of our customers and allow them to experience Mallorca in the best possible … Read more

Events and Festivals in Mallorca

Mallorca, the beautiful Balearic island in the Mediterranean, is not only known for its paradisiacal beaches and stunning landscapes, but also for its vibrant cultural scene and a variety of exciting events and festivals. If you’re looking to immerse yourself in the local culture and enjoy the fun of the events, renting a car in … Read more

Best Boat Excursions in Mallorca

Embark on exciting boat trips that will take you to discover the marine wonders of Mallorca. Mallorca, the dream Balearic island in the heart of the Mediterranean, is famous for its white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and exciting water sports opportunities. Immerse yourself in fun and adventure while enjoying the freedom of movement offered … Read more

Scenic Routes in Mallorca


Ready to immerse yourself in the most breathtaking landscapes of Mallorca? At Vima rent a car, we offer you the opportunity to rent a car in Mallorca and discover three scenic routes that will take you through majestic mountains, scenic coastlines, and charming villages. Get ready for an adventure full of natural beauty and panoramic … Read more

Beaches for Water Sports in Mallorca

Mallorca, a gem in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, not only offers stunning landscapes and a rich cultural history but also exciting opportunities for water sports enthusiasts. If you’re looking to combine the thrill of the sea with the freedom to explore, renting a car in Mallorca with Vima Rent a Car is the … Read more